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Learning at Home

With the pandemic still raging on and with no end in site, moreover with others contemplating a dead term or a year, schools and Ugandan Education system is not well prepared for online learning as the health system is not prepared for the pandemic. Even then Serere Township SS being a committed school is preparing study materials for students to continue learning home.

The schools intervention is in form of teaching notes and guiding questions to cover the period that has passed or work that should have been taught in term one but was not due to abrupt closure of schools. Teachers have prepared these materials and made them available through both the school web site as well as printed hard copies that parents can pick from school premises or from school agents. Although government of Uganda had supplied through the Local council system some study materials to the learners country wide, a lot remained to be desired; given that each school has its own teaching syllabus and syllabus coverage, much of the work was so brief that it would hardly take a child one day and or a week to finish, covering only a subtopic or less than a topic, thus leaving a lot of time wasted and learners continuing idle at home.

Thus to close this gap the school saw a need to avail their learners with sufficient work at home commensurate to the ability of the child and time of the lock down. This website is developed with the idea of children continuing to learn even when out of school.

Feed back

At time of lock down, even with the good materials given out by government and various educational institutions there is a gap of giving feedback to the learners, learners may do home work appropriately or not, yet they have not way of getting feedback from their teachers more over some subject teachers have only given learners a full text book to read and there is no provision for timely feed back as well as a way of staying in touch with the learner as learning progresses and so provide for additional support, such a gap in online teaching and learning possess enormous challenges, that require plenty of resources to bridge. consequently this website is designed to alleviate the same as well as prepare better for the time ahead.

Assessment of learners at home

This bring to ones mind arrangements like online test and examinations, which are not heard of in the Ugandan curriculum and syllabus. Given the poverty levels of parents and the poor internet coverage and high cost of data and electronic gadgets, assessment shall mainly take the form of open book exam or course work, which the learner takes and returns at a given specified period. The work is then received by the school as hard or soft copy and which is then scored and graded.

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